6 Surreal places on Earth that will teleport you to the world of Ecstasy

1 – Zhangjiajie National Forest Park- China

The avatar world of James Cameron movie is actually inspired by a unique national forest park located in Zhangjiajie city in Northern Hunan Province in China. This breath-taking forest park is famously known for its heavenly sandstone quartz pillars, dense forests, pellucid streams and rich wildlife. The majestic pillar mountains and tranquillity of the location will instil the feeling of Omaticaya Na’vi tribe of avatar, not to forget the national forest park has given its tribute to the movie by building a statue of the Na’vi tribe which helped in popularising this forest park for millions of tourist around the world. They do have cable cars and glass pathways for tourist to absorb the picturesque majestic experience of the place.If you want to experience an extraordinary world you should plan the next trek in China’s Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.

2 – Sơn đoòng cave – Vietnam

This largest cave is located at the heart of Phong Nha-Ke bang National Park in Vietnam’s Quang Binh province now a UNESCO listed site. this surreal cave was first discovered accidentally by a local farmer in 1990 and again lost the pathway of the entrance for 18 years until 2008. The cave inhabits enormous chambers with clouds, river and its own local weather system. Its one of the largest cave in the world reaching the height of 200 meters. The journey to the cave is for the ultra-adventures junkies involving two days trek through the dense forest and river crossing to reach the entrance. Once inside the cave, the hikers are expected to climb, crawl and swim through the underground rivers to arrive at the end of the cave. The hikers are well taken care of by caving experts, rangers, local guides, and chefs during the expedition. The discovery of the cave has boosted the tourism in this poorest province. The captivating place will incite everlasting memories and trill amongst the rarest breed of adventure tourist.


3 – Marble Cave – Chile Chico

An abstract painting of Mother Nature is the Marble Cave located at a remote glacial lake spread across the Chile – Argentina border formed by 6000 plus years of waves gushing against calcium carbonate, the smooth swirling turquoise blue of the carven walls reflects the wave pattern changing its intensity and hue. The caves are only accessible by a ferry that will take you through the tunnel of this incredible glowing turquoise blue wonder. Mother Nature has an artistic hidden treasure around the world and the marble cave is just a perfect item of the collection. If you’re an inspiring artist or an art lover, you know which gallery to visit.


4 – Lake Hillier – Australia

Ever wondered if God was Salvador Dali who thought of an absurd surrealistic idea and created a fantasy lake Hiller, one of most iconic natural wonders of the world in Western Australia. The bubble pink lake is a natural sight to behold surrounded by sand and eucalyptus trees. The lake was first discovered and recorded in 1802 by Mathew Flinders The origin and formation of pink lake has baffled scientists who are unable to comprehend why the lake is pink however the most reasonable theory by the researchers believe that pink dye created by the bacteria that live in the crust of the salt is responsible for the vibrant colour and has no adverse effects on humans and is safe to swim.


5 – Socotra Island – Yemen

Mother Nature’s Psychedelic Journey of Socotra Island, this remote Arabian island situated in Yemen is out of the world and alien like. Socotra island is a home to 800 rare species of flora and fauna which cannot be found anywhere in the world. The distinctive and legendary dragon blood tree with its umbrella canopy are believed to be evolved to suit its hostile climatic conditions and some of the plants grown in this island are 20 million years old. Ancient texts believe Socotra is the original location for Garden of Eden. This place has recently been declared a UNESCO world heritage site and has enchanted many great travellers of the past.


6 – Kiandy lake- Kazakhstan

Kiandy lake is picturesque turquoise mountain lake with submerged remains of trees jutting out of the turquoise blue water looked as if it has come straight out of 18th-century paintings. The Lake was formed due to an earthquake in 1911, which caused a major landslide giving birth to this beautiful serene landscape. The trees submerged during the landslide haven’t decomposed due to extremely cold water giving its surreal underwater forest imagination. The road to this scenic lake isn’t an easy travel.

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