The Atlas Of Beauty, Exemplifies Beauty Beyond All Boundaries

Beautiful women are not only sexual and hot they are much more than that!

Are you ready to get stunned by these breathtaking images for they are going to be transfixed in your minds for the longest time?

The Atlas Of Beauty, an online photography project started by world-renowned Romanian photographer, Mihaela Noroc proves that  “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”.

A small project which happened to be a self-funded trip in order to decipher and define beauty in her own way, today has managed to reach millions of people.

Noroc began her odyssey in the year 2013, in search of capturing the beauty of women around the globe. Her exploration has now turned four years old by stumbling upon enthralling sagas from more than 53 countries. She travelled the world, backpacked experiences, took portraits with her camera and collected stories of women to narrate it to the world. This project laid immense emphasis on showcasing the diversity of beauty around us in the truest form. It celebrates womanhood in the most alluring manner one could comprehend of.

Noroc portraits of women and girls from every corner of the world are a treat to watch. They break norms of beauty with respect to sizes, shapes, colours. Initially, her work was exhibited on her social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram.  However, she took it upon herself to select the best 500 portraits and stories that she had self-possessed from her long journey across hills, deserts, valleys, mountains, villages and cities to curate and author the book, “The Atlas Of Beauty”.  She made her way to the Times Square of New York, to the culture of India, to the festivities celebrated in Rome and Iraq, to the locals in Africa and Afghanistan to get the best shots and tales to leave everyone astonished and mesmerized.  This book is a marvellous collection of 500 portraits, taken from 50 different countries, consisting of personal stories of women across the world.

The reason ‘The Atlas Of Beauty’ came into being was Noroc’s idea to celebrate women from all corners of the world, and show that beauty is everywhere, regardless of money, race or social status. The book finds a distinctive place for itself in the shelves of every bookstore, it is a fruit of Noroc’s hard work, determination and valour.

She firmly believes, “Beauty is something that comes from inside each one of us, inspiring humanity and serenity. I believe that it shouldn’t be limited by trends or social rules, but more by our feelings. I also believe that beauty can teach us to be more tolerant.”

Our world needs her book to present to the world the struggles, triumphs, social injustice, and dreams of women and empower them through every thick and thin they encounter on regular basis.

Her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Oprah, CNN, and the BBC. Currently, with the amazing response that she has got for her book, she is planning for another one, Atlas of Beauty 2.0.

We cannot contain our excitement, to see beauty unfold yet again in the most seamless and gracious demeanour in her second edition.

Thank you, Mihaela Noroc for redefining the standards of beauty to the world.

Note: All pictures have been taken from the official Instagram account of, “the.atlas.of. beauty”.

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