Let your soul sink into Rajasthan’s cultural and contemporary music festivals.

Rajasthan, “Land Of King”, a state in India, is known for its history that is prosperous and affluent. The land is a depiction of ethnicity and earthiness, one can find its presence in every nook and corner, amongst people, dresses, ornaments, festivities, culture and music. It has restored and preserved its culture even after being imposed to modernization and advancement in the most magnificent approach. If you think that Rajasthan is famous only for its majestic history, desert safaris, monumental forts, marvelous havelis, lavish food, meticulous architecture then you are a little misguided. Because this region hosts the most entrancing musical festivals that every attendee is in the apprehension of.

1.Magnetic Field Festival- Alsisar Mahal, Shekhawati

A magical musical carnival of India, Magnetic field was conceptualized by Abhimanyu Alsisar in 2014. The musical fest is held every year in the middle of December. International artists take over the stage to present a melody of contemporary cutting-edge music. The line-up of artists and their music leaves you spellbound. The Mahal also hosts various other activities like star gazing, peek into galaxies, wellness, yoga, treasure hunt along with phenomenal music.

  1. Jodhpur Riff- Mehrangarh, JodhpurThe Rajasthan International Folk Festival is scheduled to start on the 24thOctober (until 28thOctober). The festival matches the time of full moon, i.e, Sharad Purnima (as referred in North India). Riff is a collaborative initiative by Mehrangarh Museum Trust, John Singh and Jaipur Virasa foundation.  The first ever Riff took place in 2007. It stages astonishing concerts and events.  Riff’s Chief Patron of Jodhpur is HH Gaj Singh of Marwar and International Patron of Riff is Sir Mick Jagger (who happens to be the main man of the rock band, The Rolling Stones). The festival also happens to be one of the best 25 International festivals (by Songlines).
    UNESCO has held up Jodhpur Riff to be “People Platform for Creativity and Sustainable Development”.
  2. World Sacred Spirit Festival- Mehrangarh Fort, JaipurThis year the Sacred Spirit Festival opens its door to its attendee on 15thFebruary (and will last until the 18thFebruary). Sufi songs behold the power of putting one in trance and transporting them to a stage where they feel connected to the Almighty in the most divine way possible. The musical festival is known to give one of the richest, most traditional and a mind-boggling experience to its participants.
  3. Ragasthan- Khuri Dunes, JaisalmerRagasthan’s third edition will take place on the 23rdFebruary.  The fest is witnessed by more than 10,000 people from all over the world for a span of three days. It is an exhilarating experience because it’s one of its kind, a desert camping musical festival. Under one roof multiple genres along with films, art, photography, sand-surfing and zorbing find a distinctive place for themselves. Keith Menon, the founder proposed this idea in 2008. It has also been cataloged as the Top 10 Music Festivals in India by Radio, a music magazine.
  4. Udaipur World Musical FestThe second edition will commence on 9thFebruary and run until 11thFebruary.  150 artists from 16 different countries will breathe life into this musical congregations. In its first edition, it had proved to be a commemoration of uniting people of different culture, different region through musical expressions.
    The festival is a result of bequeathing every genre of music that the world is acquainted with.So bucket list these festivals and go completely gaga!

So bucket list these festivals and go completely gaga!

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