A preview into the First Indian Art Hotel,Le Sutra.

The world’s first Indian Art Hotel, Le Sutra resides at the heart of Mumbai, in Bandra. In Sanskrit, Sutra means ‘rope or thread that holds things together’. A unique property in itself, it took nearly 4 years to be designed artistically and aesthetically.

With the efforts and talent of nearly 120 painters, 40 sculptors and 15 designers this luxury boutique hotel has come to life. The experience of living in one of its room correlates to the feeling of nirvana. An outburst of contemporary India artworks dominates the interiors of Le Sutra. Amidst the ever-hustling and vibrant streets of Mumbai, one can find imperforate solace here. According to the website, “At Le Sutra we’ve tried to weave thousands of years of Indian ethos and narrate it through contemporary Indian Art.”

Le Sutra reflects a paradisiacal consolidation of philosophy, myth, art and history. Every room has a story to narrate encompassing various themes and philosophies.”The 16 rooms at Le Sutra are based on ‘characters’ (Ravana, Ashoka, Buddha) or ‘characteristics’ (sensuality, love, purification) inspired by Indian mythos. ”

 It consists of: Gunas, three levels.

1 – Tamas, get spoilt (Ravana, Maya, Vaasna Rooms),

2 – Rajas, a place for the driven (Dyvutya, Kathak, Shringar, Karna, Ashoka, Taal, Yagna Rooms) 

3 – Sattva, the reflective zone  (Prakriti, Shuddhi, Mandala, Nirvan Rooms).


Le Sutra is a home to the world’s smallest spa, ‘ANGDAI SPA’. Other services provided are body massages, stone therapies, body wraps, deep tissue massages, sugar peels and black mask therapies to name a few. You can also have an exquisite dining experience at their restaurant. 

Rated at 4.5 stars on Trip Advisor, with more than 500 reviews for its hospitality, it is one of a kind. Le Sutra provides an enthralling experience, which will leave you liberated and soothed.

For more information, you can visit: https://www.lesutra.in/


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