Tagwalk, A French Start-up Aspires to be Google Of Fashion.

Founded in 2016 by Alexandra Van Houtte, Tagwalk came into existence to ‘minimise research time yet maximise research results.’ Alexandra created fashion’s first search engine to ease the tedious research process that goes in scrutinising and getting to know the deets of a particular look from a particular show or simply for cataloguing fashion shoots.
Alexandra, a Fashion Media Styling alumnus from London College of Fashion, spent immeasurable hours herself in researching while she was a fashion assistant in Paris for 4 years. This gradually became the most difficult task whose answer she found by building a transformative platform, Tagwalk, which the fashion industry lacked back in 2016. This platform perceived to make things much better and easier for the various members of the fashion industry.
Tagwalk is an encyclopaedia consisting of 2800 words. One can explore the site and searches can be made based on brand, season, city, trend, colour, fabric or style. 4 languages predominately English, French, Spanish and Italian can be used to surf the website.  It’s a treasure trove to the runway shows which happen in Paris, Milan, London and New York. It is updated on a real-time basis so that the global fashion professionals recognise the newest wrinkle.
“We think it’s a simple idea but with revolutionary potential,” said Alexandra.
The first instalment of funding for Tagwalk was acquired by putting her flat on Airbnb. She received a lot of criticism and scepticism towards Tagwalk from her potential investors.
“They said it was to niche, that it only catered to bloggers and assistants and lower rungs of the fashion industry, that it couldn’t scale. Even my parents started having their doubts about where the business could go.”
 However, Carmen Busquets, Venezuelan businesswoman, bet bottom dollar on Tagwalk when it was a barely 2 months old.
Tagwalk is a free portal, there are no advertising or subscription fees. The users vary from a single magazine, single retailer, single wholesaler, a single buyer, design directors, chief executive to fashion students.
Then how does Tagwalk make money?
Tagwalk being an e-commerce site, allows brands to feature on their database for a fee. It holds the potential of educating brands which looks made the cut, what was most searched, in which place, by whom and its performance as compared to other brands.
Le Figaro and The Financial Times has already crowned Tagwalk as the ‘Google Of Fashion’.  
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