Variant Exclusive 1.0


Variant Exclusive 1.0

Variant Magazine is a platform for showcasing fashion and lifestyle in a unique manner. They are always on their feet to run helter-skelter in order to find such talents and bring their work into the limelight. Variant believes in promoting artists across various genres. 

Variant Exclusive is an edition that reveals the work of Team Variant and its collaborators. Its exceptional in its own way, for it is a self-curated content and well-researched work which cannot be found on any other platform expect the Variant Magazine.
Variant stands for Visual (Create something Eye-Pleasing), Art (Paint the World with your thoughts), Runway (Walk-in Fashion), Imagination (Let your mind run wild), Abstract (find meaning in the chaos and peace), Neo (Newness redefines your Wardrobe), Trend (Stay updated).

Team Variant conducted a photo shoot recently based on the theme ‘The Future Tribe’.

These photoshoots are inspired by the concept of how people will dress in future, be it party, clubs or a fashion parade. Its galvanized on the lines of futuristic fashion. Various sources have influenced and nurtured this idea. Inspiration from movies like Blade Runner, 5th Element, Mad Max has proven to be extensive research materials in conceiving and designing the costumes and establishing the overall theme.

The team assembled three looks based on ‘The Future Tribe’.
The squad that blew the lid off pictures of the ‘The Future Tribe’ are a bunch of artists who deserve a special mention.

Model: Sandra Saric

Photographer: Nilesh Patankar (Eosstudio)

Styling: Mureen Babykutty

 Makeup and Hair Artist: Billy Bow

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