A Volkswagen Beetle mutated into a hotel in Jordan is gaining popularity.

Traditional cozy Homestays and hostels are remodeling people’s perspective by offering them almost everything that a luxury hotel has to offer.

One has an exuberant list of to-do things to tick off from their bucket list whilst traveling to Jordan.

Like, floating in the giant salt lake, visiting Petra, camping under the stars at deserts, becoming aware of the Roman Empire, snorkeling in the Red Sea, and much more.

We enlighten you with the knowledge of the World’s Smallest Hotel located in Jordan. Indeed, one more reason to go visit this place, at the earliest.


Mohammed Al Malaheem (popularly known by locals and tourists as Abu Ali) has attained enormous limelight for reconstructing an old Volkswagen Beetle into a comfy hotel. The hotel finds itself to be in the Jordanian desert town of Al Jaya.

With people making their set of inferences when an auto machine ceases to function by considering it rustic and old, Abu Ali innovatively turns rust into gold and enters the business of hotels.

Abu  Ali’s fellow pals and extended family began migrating to the city in search of a modern lifestyle. Ali, a man who’s in deep love with his little town, denied of this idea. Thus his vision of putting his homeland on the tourist map became intransigent because the town overseas some of the most alluring sceneries in Jordan.

This hotel kicked off in 2011. Abu Ali’s daughter lent him a helping hand in renovating the car’s interiors.  The interiors are so subtle and exquisite consisting of handmade embroidery pillow, sheets, and linens. Adjacent to the car rests a huge placard claiming it to be “The World’s Smallest Hotel”.

At the age of 64, this retired man is aiming to give its tourists the same services that of a 5-star hotel. A night stay at the world’s smallest hotel will require you to shell out around $56 (3641 approximately).

The room accommodates only two people. Guests are served coffee, tea and Jordanian snacks made by his wife and daughter. This service is sumptuous and exactly what lavish, star hotels make a pitch for.

Adjacent to the hotel lies a cave. Ali has recreated this space into a reception and it is profoundly called “Baldwin’s Grotto”. This area comprises of a well-furnished bathroom, well-equipped kitchen and a gift shop selling souvenirs and handicrafts. This territory also consists of beautiful notes left by its visitors rendering the love they felt by the warmth reflected by Ali’s hospitality. A signed register mentioning the name of tourist from different areas is kept on the table near the reception. They no longer use it, but it’s surely a prized possession of Ali.

Abu Ali has plans to expand this Homestay by adding additional VW Beetles.

Currently, Germany’s The Eh’häusl Hotel in Amberg holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s smallest hotel (173 square feet).

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