1. Joya Studio

Joya Studio is a New York based brand, curated by Frederick Bouchardy. It is an experience that everyone wants to take home from this house of scented souvenirs, from premium scented candles to hand crafted perfumes with natural essential oils. The uniqueness comes from the hand cast porcelain bottle with a 22 carat gold dipped wand that conjures up a witch’s potion to bedazzle you with its refreshing unisex fragrances. You can also visit:

2. Thierry Muglar’s Alien

When the Earth is invaded by the magic elixir captured in a bottle that reminisces a philosopher’s stone or a warlock, deep and mysteriously purple in colour. Is it announcing the essence of the new woman to the world? “The empowered woman who lives her life the way she chooses to.” This extraordinary bottle is an environment friendly treasure that allows its users to refill the used bottle of Alien at their retail outlets at a much lower price. You can also visit:

3. La Prarie’s Midnight Rain

The Horcrux of the world of perfumes is this raindrop shaped bottle of Midnight Rain by La Prairie, an absolute standout piece for a proud private collection. Midnight Rain smells sensual and balmy floral, transporting you to the beauty of night rain, exhorting a fertile imagination and playful passion in you. You can also visit:

4. Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl

A well-heeled perfume bottle to conquer the world! This Stiletto shaped dark navy and gold bottle is a big time eye-catcher, just as a woman draws second and third glances traversing her enchanting curves. Announcing to the world that “it is so good to be bad”, the bottle serves as a proxy to the natural duality of a woman’s personality, from the goody-two-shoes to the closet-sexy-siren, waiting to beguile and explore the inner recesses of her playful mind. You can also visit:


5. Kara Scentric’s Bleu

Kara Scentric’s Bleu is a fairly simple looking bottle, but what makes it unique is the cap of the bottle. The blue-and-white amalgamation in the cap represents the ever changing wave formations of the sea, capturing the essence of Bleu. Ordained by sea waves changing its shape, size and velocity every second moment, the wave patterns in every cap changes as it reaches the hands of each new buyer, as if customized to epitomize the excited possessor’s mood under the spell of Blue’s unique. You can also visit:



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